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Dingley Health Hub

Previously known as Kingston Spinal Clinic

Mountain Lake


At Dingley Health Hub, we take a hands on approach to your personal health goals. No one likes being in pain. So once we get you out of pain, it's our duty to help create the optimal environment for you to succeed in, making sure you don't return to pain in the future. 


We belief that you are unique in your own amazing way. Taking an individualised approach to your needs is the only method to get you long lasting results.

Not everyone wants to run marathons or train at an elite level. At Dingley Health Hub, we want you to feel comfortable just being yourself. 

Whether you're 9 years or 90 years old, we have a tailored, personal solution for you, through hands on treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning, and offering simple lifestyle habits for you to adopt. 

Our vision is to educate and empower the lives of the people in the Dingley Village community. Achieved through the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail in the area.


So please join us on our journey in making your life a happier, healthier and more pain-free existence.

Meet the Team



269-275 Centre Dandenong Rd

Dingley Village 3172

Tel: (03) 9551 7110


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